Merced County Office of Education

Merced , CA
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MULTIPLE POSITIONS: Classroom Assistants, Teachers and Tutors, School Employees

Merced County Office of Education
Merced, CA Full time
Posted on February 12, 2018

Merced County Office of Education has multiple positions.

Classroom Assistants

  • Traditional day and afternoon programs
  • Openings throughout Merced County
  • Perfect for college students

Teachers and Tutors

  • Special Education, Early Education
  • Alternative Education, Migrant Education

School Employees

  • Information Technology
  • Clerical and Analyst

Screening is based on information provided on the application. Read the position announcement CAREFULLY! Complete the application THOROUGHLY and be SPECIFIC. AVOID using "VARIES", "ON CALL", "SEE RESUME" or SIMILAR VAGUE LANGUAGE. Give DETAILED INFORMATION. Carefully review attached job description & submit all required, additional documents as specified.

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